Among the essentials of an electronic cigarette or electronic cigarette kit are 18650 batteries. This battery provides the energy that the electronic cigarette needs. The reason why the rechargeable batteries are referred to as the 18650 battery is that the pillars are 18 mm in diameter, 65 mm in length and "0" cylinders in shape. Many companies we know today are producing rechargeable batteries. Despite this, there are very few manufacturers who produce and only specialize in rechargeable batteries, and Efest is one of these manufacturers.

Efest Brand is known for its most produced 2600 mAh capacity charged batteries. The company's standard rechargeable batteries are appreciated by e-cigarette users for their high quality and durability. Efest IMR 18650 2900 mAh 20A / 35A rechargeable battery is a standard rechargeable battery that can be rechargeable in size and widely used in e-cigarette models. Efest IMR 18650 2900 mAh can provide a 3.7 volt output. Although the e-cigarette market has rechargeable battery models with higher mAh levels, Efest is able to outperform other batteries in terms of durability.

The Efest Power brand also produces e-cigarette side products such as rechargeable batteries with different mAh values ​​and rechargeable battery chargers that can be charged with rechargeable batteries. Efest's battery of 3000 mAh or 5000 mAh capacity allows the electronic cigarette user to enjoy e-cigarettes all day long without interruption. If you are looking for a really good quality 18650 rechargeable battery and you want your e-cigarette to continue throughout the day, you can opt for Efest Power's products. It is ideal for e-cigarette users who have high performance battery mode of the company.

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Efest 18650 Battery - 3000mAh

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