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E-Cigarette and E-Liquid Guide for Foreigners – Tourists In Turkey


E-Cigarette and E-Liquid Guide for Foreigners – Tourists In Turkey

Welcome to Turkey! Take your Turkish Coffee, Turkish Delight and your vaping device. Are you ready? Let’s begin to our magnificent journey!

Electronic cigarettes and e-liquid content used in devices are more common in the world than in our country, Turkey. This may not affect the users in our country at large. However, when it comes to our foreign guests in our country, it is completely different. Especially, as Electronicsigaraevi.us, we often experience this problem with our foreign customers. Today, we thought to help them by preparing e-cigarettes and e-liquit guides for foreigners and tourists in Turkey. You may comre from U.S., Canada, England, Syria, France, Saudi Arabia or Russia… May be You’re from Greece or Ukraine, China or Korea.. This guide writed for you. So, welcome the Turkey again!


E-Cigarettes And Turkey

From Istanbul With Love…

Electronic cigarettes and e-liquid types (including standard liquid content such as InnovationBG and premium electronic cigarette liquid types such as Dinner Lady) are becoming increasingly common throughout the year. Electronic cigarettes are also seen as a “nicotine” product in our country as recently as in foreign countries. However, much earlier than that, e-cigarette devices and e-liquid content that could be used as filling fluid were legally restricted in Turkey. At this time, it is legally restricted to sell e-cigarettes and e-liquid in our country. This is an extremely important and sensitive issue especially for foreigners and tourists in our country and makes the question “Where e-cigarettes are sold” and the answer become an important issue.

Tips for Foreign E-Cigarette Users and Tourists in our Country:

Legally limiting the sale of electronic cigarette devices and e-liquid content produced as a filling fluid makes some subjects difficult for e-cigarette users. How are these situations and how can foreign users and tourists in our country benefit from this?

    • Electronic Cigarettes and E-Liquid Sales in Turkey are Prohibited. However, e-cigarette use is almost universally available and can be used anywhere electronic cigarettes can smoke. Don’t forget this golden advice: to making a e-cigarette/vapor device trade is forbidden. But you can use it almost any places you can smoke.
    • Watch out for the amount of vape – cloud when using e-cigs. Especially in public places, electronic cigarette vape cloud can be disturbing to other people. This is because many people in Turkey are prejudiced about e-cigarettes.
    • Turkish people are misled about electronic cigarettes. There are many people who prejudge e-cigarettes. Of course the media …
    • Electronic cigarettes are prohibited in some restaurants and cafes. However, E-Cigarettes have been started by people in Turkey more and more.
    • Electronic cigarette suppliers in our country usually order over the Internet.
    • Very few electronic cigarette suppliers have a call center and a physical shop that can help you.
    • The products of Electronic Cigarette Vendors in Turkey are generally semi-legal to the country. In this respect, there may be very few Vendor Equipment Warrants especially on Devices.

Reactions For The Vapors – Vapers In Turkey: Almost The Same…

  • You can opt for trusted e-cigarette shops like Electronicsigaraevi.us to reach completely original devices and liquids.
  • Electronic Cigarette Models and E-Liquids are Semi-Legal to Country Of Turkey.
  • Equipment and E-Liquid Aromas in Turkey are limited. E-cigarettes and electronic cigarette liquid aromas that you can reach to abroad for sale in Turkey are Normal.
  • Accessing the “Premium E-Liquid” content in Turkey is extremely easy. This is also true for popular electronic cigarette models. Premium liquid and electronic cigarette models to reach to the rest of the world this content and devices are sold very well in our country.
  • The number of electronic cigarette sellers is better in the big provinces of Turkey. E-Cigarettes and E-Liquids are the last faster to find in provinces like Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Antalya.
  • Making Your Own E-Liquid Content is Uncommon in Turkey. For this reason, you can find Aroma Additives or N-Base Types from reliable E-Cigarette Dealers in Turkey.
  • Please do not forget that you are a very reliable e-cigarette seller in Turkey.
  • If you do not want to choose an e-cigarette seller in Turkey, you can benefit from your friends or the internet.
  • Vapor Devices SMOK ALIEN  220 Watt, Vaporesso Target Pro Starter Kit , Eleaf Pico 75 Squeeze  are the most popular devices in Turkey. That’s why these devices easy to use and powerful.

Electronic Cigarette Status in Turkey

Powerful E-Cigs (Mod Devices) As Known As “Elektronik Nargile” (Electronic Hookah – Electronic Water Pipe) By Most Turkish Citizen

We can understand a stranger approaching many things in our country with astonishment. For example piracy CDs and programs in a foreign country is very surprising that the situation is normal. Certainly, piracy CD’s are so common in our country that the economic variables vary greatly. Nevertheless, the sale of illegal CDs or pirated CDs is a false and illegal situation.

Why pirated music, games and programs are similar to electronic cigarettes. Because both of them are similar in Turkey. There are legal limitations in the sale of both products. Nevertheless, since there is no mention of any obvious losses to consumers, the sale of both products continues through semi – legal routes. Nevertheless, there are many rumors that e-cigarettes and e-liquid sales will become legal.

Mostly Turks love to vape with Turkish Coffee, Turkish Tea. Vape Culture pervades In Republic Of Turkey. If you want to drink a solid coffee or tea. Try it with your premium e-juice aromas. You can add lokum (turkish delight), baklava (Turkish Delight) or many Turkish Desserts. Or you can try “Baklava Aroma E-Juice“, (not able from our site) “Turkish Delight Strawberry Cream” or “Coffee” Aroma Based 78 Coffee E-Liquid.

Where Can You Buy Electronic Cigarettes And E-Liquids In Turkey?

Our site is at your service with Electronicsigaraevi.us, e-cigarettes and e-liquid varieties. Our site serves domestic and foreign e-cigarette users for 4 years. This means you can meet your liquid and device needs at our prices at our prices, and you can take advantage of the 1 week change opportunity, especially if you have problems with your device.

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