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Melo 3 Atomizer

In some sources, Melo 3 Atomizer is Melo III Atomizer, the atomizer has its own tank. The Melo 3 Atomizer is a superior feature atomizer from the quality of the material used to its performance. Atomizer is made of stainless steel from mouthpiece to atomizer part. The Melo 3 Atomizer has air ducts that provide high performance. Melo 3 Atomizer is used by opening the top cover. Melo 3 Once you open the top cover of the atomizer, you can use the atomizer's tank with electronic cigarette liquor. At the same time Melo III Atomizer has superior air ducts that allow the atomizer to deliver high performance. These air ducts can be opened and closed as they wish. Melo 3 Atomizer; A drip type, a stainless steel tank lid, a stainless steel atomizer tube made of stainless steel and a glass tank surface, an EC Atomizer Head, and an atomizer housing made of stainless steel. The Melo III Atomizer has a 4 ml atomizer tank. The Melo 3 Atomizer Mini has a tank capacity of 2 ml. If you want to have the Melo III Atomizer, which offers a very practical and sterile use thanks to the metal mouthpiece (drip tip), you can order it immediately on our site. Melo 3 Atomizer is an atomizer tank model that is frequently used in the electronic cigarette world. This awesome atomizer tank, which can deliver steam at a high rate in the event of the opening of the air ducts, is entirely made of stainless steel and therefore has a very robust construction and is useful.

Melo III Atomizer Box Content:

Melo 3 Atomizer Box;

  • 1 piece Melo III Atomizer
  • 4 Seal Ring
  • 1 EC 0.3 Ohm Atomizer Head
  • 1 EC 0.5 Ohm Atomizer Head
  • There are 1 user manual.

Melo III Atomizer Features:

  • The Melo III is manufactured from Atomizer's Mouthpiece to Atomizer's Head Up to Stainless Steel.
  • Melo III Atomizer has a 4 ml tank.
  • Melo III Atomizer's Tank is Produced from High Quality Glass and Has 4 ml Capacity.
  • The Melo III Atomizer has air ducts that greatly affect steam performance. These Channels Provide You With High Steam.
  • Melo III Atomizer is filled with a cover opened from the top.
  • Melo III Atomizer Has 0.5 Atm / 0.3 Ohm Atomizer Headers At The Same Time.
  • Atomizer is a Highly Ideal Ideal for Mode Electronic Cigarette Smoking. The Melo III Atomizer is fitted to the body with the 510 Screwing System.

Melo III Atomizer Dimensions:

Length: 65 mm

Diameter: 22 mm

Capacity: 4 ml

Screw type: 510

Screw Material: Stainless Steel

Considerations When Using Melo III Atomizer:

Melo III Atomizer is an atomizer that is used by opening the top cover. You should be careful that the atomizer has 10% - 90% occupancy rate when filling the tank. Overfilling the tank will cause liquid leakage. If you use the Melo III Atomizer without the liquid tank being too full, your atomizer will soon wear out and burn. When filling Melo III Atomizer from the top, you should be careful that the air ducts are closed at the same time. Opening of the air ducts will cause liquid leakage of the atomizer tank.

The Melo III Atomizer uses the EC Atomizer title. EC Atomizers are a name given to the atomizer heads produced by Eleaf. Melo III Atomizer reaches you with two atomizer heads, 0.3 Ohm and 0.5 Ohm. It is also possible to get the necessary information by reading the user manual that comes out of the Melo III Atomizer box.

Product Features
Screw Connection 510

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Eleaf Pico Melo lll Atomizer

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